• The Message of Aquarius - A Gnostic Book About the Book of Revelation

    Are we in the end times? Will humanity end in an apocalyptic catastrophe? Will this humanity survive? Or will another humanity appear? Is there any connection between the end times and the different cosmic cycles or ages (Age of Aquarius, Age of Pisces, etc).

    These questions and many more are dealt with in The Message of Aquarius, a book written by Samael Aun Weor.

    In it, the author makes a thorough analysis of the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible.

    Unlike many modern books on Revelation, The Message of Aquarius is not based on intellectual speculations or on theological traditions of any kind, which unfortunately limit its scope, as they tend to interpret Revelation from one angle, instead of taking its many angles into account.

    Far from gnosis , The Message of Aquarius is a completely original work, based on the author's personal investigation of many years.

    In line with the universal approach of Gnosis (knowledge), the author does not limit himself to traditional Christian contents, but he draws on Hindu, Buddhist, Kabbalistic, Sufi, etc. contents to illustrate and throw further light on the prophetic statements of Revelation.

    Unlike many modern books on the subject that simply fail to deal with many symbols and allegories appearing in the Book of Revelation, Samael Aun Weor explains them all at length and in all detail, chapter after chapter and verse after verse - not a single element of the Book is left out.

    Allegories such as:

    * The Four Horsemen of Revelation

    * The Seven Seals

    * The Seven Trumpets

    * The 144,000 Sealed Ones

    * The Two Witnesses

    * The Mark on The Forehead

    * The Mark of The Beast

    * The Antichrist (666)

    * Babylon the Great

    * The New Jerusalem, and many others

    All are clearly explained in the context of a final cycle of time and the beginning of a new period of human manifestation.

    In his book, the author informs us about:

    * The meaning and repercussions of the conquest of the Moon and space travelling in general

    * The expansion of China, about the U.S.A. and other powers in relation to World War Three (atomic war)

    * The deterioration of the planet and of the moral principles of the majority of humanity, giving rise to much disharmony and unhappiness

    * The appearance of new estrange diseases, most of them incurable

    * the periodical approaching of a big planet belonging to a neighbouring solar system, ten times bigger than Jupiter, which in the past brought ancient continents, such as Lemuria, Atlantis, etc. to an end

    * The arrival of beings coming from other planets, their mission and meaning in relation to the selection of humanity.

    And many other topics which are dealt with in the more than two hundred pages of the book.

    Nevertheless, and despite what it may seem at first glance, The Message of Aquarius is not laying stress on gloomy apocalyptic scenarios kept for us in store for the end times. Quite the opposite, after explaining at length the deep transformations which the planet earth will undergo, culminating in the descent of the symbolic New Jerusalem, which will mark a new beginning, a new planetary cycle, the author stresses the urgent need for us to keep up with this planetary transformation; in particular about the need for a psychological inner transformation on our part.

    What this transformation implies and its methods are clearly explained throughout the book. Methods which over the centuries have remained veiled in the form of universal allegories, such as the Plant of Immortality, Noah's Ark, the Tree of Life, David slaying Goliath, Horus slaying Seth, the catching of the Salmon of Knowledge, and many others.

    Many readers find this aspect particularly revealing, as it represents a real survival guide which will undoubtedly help us to come out with flying colours from one of the most critical times that humanity has to face. This is just one of the many benefits of the book.

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